Best water treatment system, water filtration system

You need to build water filtration system, water treatment system?. With nearly 10 years of research and finding about water, Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company has been a leading unit in importing, assembling and distributing water filter system lines, purified water filtration as well as transfer technology  from the best countries in the world.

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Image of filter water line 100 liters

Here invite you join us to find out one of the most outstanding Vinaro water filter system – water purification system.

Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company’s water filtration lines has helped many domestic and overseas factories produce purified water, bottled water – and distribute it for market with large amounts of pure water – with all ensure standards of food safety: 6-1-2010/ MOH Ministry of Health of bottled water, that contributed to protect human health.

When beverages are flooding on the market, there are many water filter system products don’t meet safety standards, also can cause a number of diseases such as: cancer (when using of flavorings), obesity (due to the use preservatives)…. So that is why, the selection of bottled water has become a essentialstrend by all.

The popular water filtration system, water treatment system.

On the market today there are two main types of water purification device:

  1. Water purification system using Composite component (can use hand valves or auto valve).
  2. Water purification system using 304 stainless steel component (can use hand valves or auto valves).

Structure of two UV water filter system is relatively same – they combined of pushed pump system, air disinfectant systems, heavy metal filter systems, deodorant and decontamination systems, limestone removal and water softener systems, booster pump systems, RO water filter systems, flow metering equipment, water pressure measuring equipment, and other accessories.

These UV water purifier are modern design, run automatic, so safety – as well as – saving a lot of costs for manufacturers of bottled water with full capacity from 150 to 90,000 liters/hour .

 Water filtration system, water treatment system with composite filter column and hand valves.

Image of purified water filter lines

Image of water treatment system

This type of reverse osmosis system of water filter system uses refinning technology – that is completely automatic about power, automatically disconnect with pump – when the tank full water, so it help the business owner easy to control and don’t have to watch constantly – so it can use the free time to focus on customer care and delivery.

Due to using hand operated valves, so when water purification system line-up stuck from dust – user must wash the filter materials once – every 3 days to ensure the quality of water. The system uses common components, so purified water filter lines have low price, good quality.

Water treatment system, water filtration system with composite filter column and Autoval.

Image of water filter line, stainless steel valves hand 1000 liters

Image of water treatment system, stainless steel valves hand 1000 liters

This water filter system is used with the auto valves, so the users do not have to operate washing the filtering materials by hand – user do not have to do anything except to carry bottles for sale. In addition, using of auto valves also improve purified water quality – because of auto valves likely recognize when filter’s uv water purification system is dirty and automatic wash.

Water treatment system, water filtration system with steel filter column and hand valves.

Image of water filter line, stainless steel valves hand 1000 liters 1

The best water purification system have ever made in Asian

The reverse osmosis system of water filter system has an extremely long life (approximately 15 to 20 years) by using SUS304 stainless steel components, so it is usually used in mid-range water filter firms, for creating distilled water of operating rooms in hospitals.

Water treatment system, water filtration system with steel filter column and autoval.

water filter line inox autoval 1000l

Image of water purification system inox autoval 1000l

These Series use the world’s best materials, the best components even so fully automatic electric systems. Auto valves system is assembled at Viet An factory under the most modern technology of the United States. The manufacturing process according to ISO 9001-2015 (the most excellent international standards today).

Depending on the application of superior water filter system technology, it help to reduce toxins in water, as well as ensuring food safety 6-1-2010/MOH (Ministry of Health). Viet An currently gained title “Vietnam leading brand in 2015” due to consumer choose.

Photos Of Ceremony Announces Leading Brands Vietnam 2015

Photos of certificate for ” Viet Nam company has achieved the leading title in 2015″

With Fully automatic cleaning filter system will ensure absolute output water quality, and achieve United States FDA standards, the price is relatively high – so this water filter system, water purification system often is used for large projects with foreign investment capital or hospitals (achieved international standards).

Table costs, prices for water filtration system, water treatment system

OrdinalCapacity/hourPrice in VNDTechnical specifications
1Water filtration system 150 liter27,900,000Details
2Water filtration system 300 liter51,900,000Details
3Water filtration system 400 liter63,900,000Details
4Water filtration system 750 liter94,900,000Details
5Water filtration system 1000 liter113,900,999Details
6Water filtration system 1200 liter128,900,000Details
7Water treatment system 1500 liter163,900,000Details
8Water treatment system 1800 liter197,900,000Details
9Water treatment system 2000 liter228,900,000Details
10Water treatment system 2500 liter280,000,000Details
11Water treatment system 3000 liter339,900,000Details
12Water treatment system 4500 liter489,900,000Details
13Water treatment system 5000 liter544,900,000Details
14Water treatment system 6000 liter689,900,000Details
15Water filter system 10,000 liter899,900,000Details
16Machine use Reverse osmosis system 15,000 liter1,359,900,000Details
17Machine use Reverse osmosis system 20,000 liter1,639,900,000Details
18Water purification system 25,000 liter2,069,900,000Details
19Water purification system 30,000 liter2,599,900,000Details
20Water filter system 60,000 liter4,699,900,000Details
21Water filter system 90,000 liter6,899,900,000Details

Price of water treatment system, water filtration system above will change and depend on the time and series of filter line you choose to install. Each capacity is suitable for different users. For advice, on choosing appropriate capacity, fastest and early quote, please call 094.511.2468
All for the benefit of customers, whenever you need the support about these water filter system – water purification system, need to guide – we are always willing to serve.

Warranty, maintenance water treatment system, water filtration system in Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company.

Warranty: 2 years

Maintenance: Universal Life

No matter what you encounter difficulties in the production process, Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company’s technical staffs are always ready to assist you.

Video introduction of industrial water filtration lines

Viet An General Trade Joint Stock Company

Some customers’units have used water purification system from Viet An company

Vietnam Samsung Company a world-class corporation with business activities in all the areas of advanced technology, semiconductors, construction of high-rise buildings and the construction of the plant, medicine, finance, hotels, and other fields. Like other businesses, Samsung always considers the health care of workers are the survival of the company, reflecting this concern, Vietnam Samsung company has decided to sign a contract to install water treatment system, water filtration system with Viet An General Trade JSC to ensure clean water supply and food safety standards for workers using. Our company constantly improve and develop with the desire to bring the best quality of service to customers.

Thai Son Corporation (ThaiSon GROUP) is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Defense. There are more than 20 affiliated units, subsidiaries, joint stock companies and joint ventures with foreign partners, operate in multiple industries on main areas: Business Investment Real Estate; Applications and Technology Transfer; Trade – Export; Civil construction. Thai Son company is one of the major customers using water filter system, uv water purification system of Viet An in recent years.

Limited company SHINHANVINA in Sai Dong, Long Bien District, Hanoi (JSC Shinhan Jewel Tech activity leading Korean manufacturing in the field of fashion jewelry for famous brands throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia … and is gradually created an jewelry industry with the professional in manufacturing and exporting in the places around the world) in 2014 has used capacity of water treatment system (best reverse osmosis system) 3000l/h.

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If you have any questions about VA water purification system of bottled purified water VA or want to know how much for USApec of water filtration system, water treatment system please contact the nearest branch of Viet An for advice and support. Or call 09 49 41 41 41 (HOTLINE)

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